Two broad categories of massage

Zhong’s Professional Chinese Massage Clinics provide a range of services within the two main categories of massage therapy .

Therapeutic (Anmo) massage for relaxation and general wellbeing is used for rest and relief from busy stressful lifestyles.

Remedial (Tuina) massage, sits alongside allied health services, and provides relief and recovery from the symptoms of physical and emotional injury.

Traditional Chinese Massage involves a holistic approach to achieving improved health and wellbeing, with a combination of therapeutic and remedial techniques.

These techniques include Reflexology, Deep Tissue and Acupressure massage; and range of complementary therapies.

Your personal massage experience

We provide a variety of remedial, therapeutic and conditional treatment packages, alongside the opportunity to ‘mix and match’ massages and optional complementary extras such as reflexology, herbal spa, aromatic oils or hot stones to enhance your personal massage experience.

This includes a range of specific massage packages, with any extras of your choice for no additional charge.

Come to one of our treatment centres located across Melbourne, and talk with our therapists regarding your needs; or go online, book and select from the range of massage options presented in our digital catalogue.

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