A variety of massage packages

You can choose from a range of massage packages to help you relax and feel yourself again. Enjoy the luxuriating effects of any preset package or mix and match massages and optional complementary extras to enhance your personal massage experience.

Body Massage

Massages involving the whole body Body massage includes a range of massage packages involving the whole body or concentrating on one part or a combination of parts of the body. If you have an isolated ailment or pain, our therapists will provide a massage experience to address the area of need such as neck , head & shoulders , leg , foot , back , or combination of any of these. Deep tissues massage , combined with hot stones , aromatic oils, and cupping can all be incorporated to induce optimal relief from stress and pain.

Deep Tissue Massage with Oil

Beneficial deep tissue massages This type of massage technique concentrates on the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue being for chronic muscular pain, injury rehabilitation, sporting and occupational injuries , and physical and mental fatigue . Aromatic oils massaged into the skin to help relieve muscular tension, combined with techniques that penetrate deep into soft tissue will help to improve your posture, and movement. This massage experience includes very firm to gentle techniques to address the area of muscle under stress and leave you feeling relaxed and comfortable. For more information on deep tissue massage is applied: Body massage Upper torso, neck & arms Sports & Fitness Back

Herbal Massage & Spa

Massages involving herbal spas Especially developed to sooth and relax, Zhong’s Herbal Massage and Spa is a modality that includes aromatic herbal therapies and essential oils combined with Traditional Chinese Massage techniques to enhance the relaxation and tension relief benefits of gentle therapeutic massage. Zhong’s Hot Herbal Foot Spas are one of our most popular treatments, involving a relaxing foot massage, Acupressure and Reflexology or a gentle foot spa during pregnancy . By promoting blood circulation, relaxing nerves and promoting internal secretion, foot spas are used as an ideal way to improve feelings of wellbeing and reduced stress. Depending on your situation and condition medicinal herbs and aromas can be included and tailored to address your specific emotional and physical needs.  

Massages for Legs and Feet

Massages for aching legs and feet Traditional Chinese Massage includes modalities specifically targeting tired and painful feet and ankles. It can include Reflexology involving traditional Chinese Acupressure applied to the reflex areas of the foot, which are believed to be connected to other parts and organs of the body. These reflex areas are massaged to stimulate and restore balance and feelings of health and wellbeing. Combined with herbal spa treatments, massage to the legs and feet, involving Reflexology can also help to improve blood circulation, reduce nervous tension in other parts of the body including detoxification, and lymphatic drainage.

Upper Torso, Neck & Arms

Massages involving the upper body, back, neck & arms For people experiencing lower or upper back pain , we generally recommend an upper body, neck and arms massage. This is because injuries or conditions of the back and upper body are not usually isolated to one specific area, and can have compounding effects on other parts of the body. We offer a variety of massage experiences involving the back neck and arms including massages for: Body massage , Deep Tissue massage , Acupressure , Hot Stone , Cupping , Relaxation and Stress